Supplies For Zentangle Work

  • Journals

      Tangling Journal You may want to do your work in a journal so that it can be carried around and keep your work together in one convenient place. The type of journal you should select depends on your preferred method of working. Some paper will leak the ink through to the following pages if it is too thin. Some paper's surface may be too smooth or too rough. The binding on the journal should also be considered. Does it allow your journal to lie flat enough for you to work effectively. If the journal is bound with stitching are the stitches too tight or too loose. Make sure that the pages in the journal are attached well enough to stay in the journal but not so loose they get lost. There are various locations to purchase different types of journals. They can be obtained at art supply stores such as Dick Blick, office supply stores such as Staples, craft stores, college book stores, and various web sites. There is a very good article written by Sandra Strait regarding journals for Zentangle work at
  • Zentangle Tiles

      Tangling Tiles Zentangle tiles are made specially for Zentangle work. They are about 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. They can also be round. They come in white, black and tan. These tiles can also be purchased at art supply stores such as Dick Blick. They can also be purchased from and from Zentangle.
  • Paper

    Various types of paper can be used to create Zentangles. The choice of paper will depend on the media being used to create the Zentangle and the final use of the created art work. If ink is being used the paper should be thick enough to keep the ink from bleeding through the paper. The surface of the paper also will depend on the media being used. If the drawing will be all ink then the weight of the paper needs to be considered. Will you add on colored pencil or water color to the work. This will mean selecting a paper which will work with these items. If the Zentangle is just for practice then the media will probably not have to be of a high quality.
  • Pens

      Tangling Pens While there are also various types of pens which can be used probably the most used pen is the Sakura Micron pens. They come in different tip sizes and colors. A lot of Zentangles are created in black and white but color also shows up. The Sakura pens are available at a lot of different locations: Dick Blick, Amazon and various other locations.
  • Other

    Sometimes other pens, inks and coloring items are used either to create the Zentangle or to add emphasis. Items which can be used are gel pens, colored pencils, crayons, water color or whatever is desired to create the desired Zentangle.
  • Zentangle Kits

      Zentangle Kits Kits made specifically for creating Zentangle are also available. These kits can include, paper, pens, shading items instructions and sometimes books on Zentangle work. These kits are also available at a lot of different locations. Two locations to try are Zentangle and