Add to Your Zentangle Work

     Spiral Technique

Spirals - Add or start with a spiral to add to your Zentangle work. See Michele Beauchamp's A Zentangle Spiral Guide

     Shading Technique

Shading - Add shading to different parts of your Zentangle. See Marizaan van Beek's technique on adding shading at Also see Sandy Steen Bartholomew's information at

     Translucence Technique

Translucence - Make object appear semi-transparent. See Sandra Strait's details on She gives tips for both color and black and white.

     Stippling Technique

Stippling - Use stippling to create shading or texture to your Zentangle. See Genevieve Crabe's information at

     Ribbon Technique

Draw a Ribbon - Adding a ribbon to your Zentangle can be a bit tricky to get placed correctly. See Sandra Strait's article at