Zentangle Terms

Certified Zentangle Teacher
Someone who has received certified training and earned a certificate from Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.
Reduce a pattern to its most elemental constituent strokes and thereby enabling users to recreate the pattern.
A technique which can be added to and/or combined with many tangles.
Adjacent Zentangle tiles which share a common string or strings. Would look like they were drawn together on a single sheet of paper if placed next to each other.
A group of tangles to work on which have been selected with a random number generator.
Placing two or more Zentangle tiles together. Normally the sides will be touching and there will not be gaps and usually done with square tiles.
A random line drawn with a pencil and used to create an area for drawing tangles inside.
Used as a verb to describe the act of creating a Zentangle. A person would be tangling instead of Zentangling. It is preferred to not use Zentangle as a a verb to avoid weakening the trademark status. Tangle can also be used as a replacement word for pattern because not all patterns are adaptable for using to create a Zentangle.
A variation of a tangle alone or when combined with other tangles. The result of an alteration of mixing tangles together in different proportions.
Die-cut paper squares or rectangles which are used to create Zentangle Art.
Registered trademark company name.
A playful approach to classifying tangles.

Developed by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts at Zentangle®